Professional Development through Teacher Training

Having appropriate methodologies and clear objectives for teaching are clearly requisite, but teaching or training in specific purpose domains, such as aviation, requires a much more in-depth awareness and understanding of the real-world communication learners will need to use. Basic teacher training does not provide extended resources for teachers and we are well aware of the challenges that many teachers face when organising language training in a specific purpose environment, such as aviation.

We therefore strongly believe that our own teaching principles should be enhanced by more supportive training for teachers who should have every possible opportunity to extend their professional development. By sharing our skills in offering external continued professional development for teachers working in, or likely to be working in, aviation language training, we provide a much stronger base for the development of communication skills worldwide. All our trainers are qualified Teacher Trainers and have extended experience in language teaching as well as in an operational aviation, or other specific purpose, environment.

The Train the Trainer course programme is based on 3 core 5-day modules:

Module 1Concepts of Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) (click here for the course information sheet)

Module 2Initial Teaching English for Aviation – (click here for the course information sheet)

Module 3 – Advanced Teaching English for aviation – (click here for the course information sheet)

Our modules offer teachers skill sets which allow them to focus on reviewing the real-life communication of their learners thus enabling an appreciation of, not only the actual communication processes used but, how the language is formed within that process to allow efficient and effective communication to take place.

Feedback from our clients always shows the high value placed on the interactivity of their aviation English lessons with us as well as the domain knowledge of the Trainers. Our teacher training aims to impart the same rationale and dynamism to enable teachers to motivate and encourage their own students in a similar way.

Modules 1 and 2 can be delivered on a client’s own premises or at the location of our partner organisation in the UK or mainland Europe. Module 3 would normally be delivered on the client’s premises. Course programmes can also be tailored to suit the exact requirements of trainers and their organisations. We pride ourselves on our flexibility which offers high quality cost-effective services for our clients.

Please contact us for further details of availability and prices.