Learning Aviation English


Developing language skills for the effective communication needs of operational personnel in the safety driven environment of aviation has been at the core of English Plus’ activities since inception in 2006.

Furthermore providing personnel qualified and experienced in both linguistic and operational theory and practice for this highly technical domain, provides an empathy with our clients, motivates learners and ensures we are able to target their needs and objectives effectively and efficiently.

Adopting communicative teaching methodologies, task-based learning and learner-oriented assessment approaches, the service offers our clients a focused and objective way of achieving their language goals focussing on authentic real-world communication and target language use.

All training begins by carrying out diagnostic evaluations and a full needs analysis in consultation with the client. Key objectives are identified, a curriculum is developed and then appropriate, interactive and motivating methodologies and material are tailored and prepared.

During all training we undertake regular assessment of learners’ work in order to monitor progress and to be ready to discuss and adjust course focus where necessary.

Once the course has been completed we identify and report on learning achievements and continue to work in consultation with clients in pursuance of their learning objectives.